Strong and durable cat enclosures using quality netting and accessories


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cat netting and accessoriesWe, at Thecatshack, use nothing but top quality materials that give you professional and less intrusive enclosure to any place in your property.

If you live in an apartment or unit/townhouse, there are no problems with body corporate issues, as most neighbours encourage cat owners to keep their pets enclosed. Cat netting installations in Melbourne are planned according to any shape or design that’s both feasible and convenient. Besides enhancing the beauty of your outhouse space, your friends will see it as a positive investment.

A lot of homeowners are distressed over their cat leaving their property premises and venturing into the streets or forests. Considering such possibilities, it’s important to cat proof your fence; a mere wooden fence won’t be enough. If you reside in a residential area that’s prone to animal predators like owls and coyotes, usage of quality cat netting and accessories is a must. Since the enclosures are built in a special way, the cats cannot climb it easily, thereby protecting them from any external damage or injury.

Cats are fond of running, climbing and playing around.  If you build a special place for them, you can have your own privacy, while allowing them to do some good exercise. This special place is known as the cat enclosure or cat fencing. When you use high-quality netting materials and accessories, you enjoy complete peace of mind.

At Thecatshack, we use only quality cat netting and accessories for the best possible results. So, understand your responsibilities and do yourself a favour by contacting us today. We’ll provide you with a free ‘measure and quote’ on any weekday. Just email us at, [email protected] for Melbourne. You may also call us 0416 725 745