Quality cat enclosures for optimum safety of your feline

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Quality cat enclosures for optimum safety of your felineDid you know that 25% of homeowners in Australia now own a cat? If you are among these proud cat owners, or if you are planning to join the club soon, we have good news for you. At thecatshack, we constantly look for ways to protect the felines and create a better environment for them. We are striving to improve the standard of living for cats in Melbourne with our quality cat enclosures. The job of taking care of cats’ wellbeing is very rewarding. We are proud of our designs that provide equal opportunity for your cat to play, sleep and explore.

With new smells, surroundings, and places to explore, it’s quite natural for cats to seek outhouse adventures. Besides the frightening thought of losing your feline friend, there’s also the threat of poisonous flowers, plants, insects and harmful neighbours. Although these are reasons enough to keep your pet indoors, taking the right preventive steps can help your feline enjoy quality time outdoors. When you install quality cat fencing, you can easily enjoy complete peace of mind.

We, at thecatshack, use quality materials, so you get top shelf quality cat enclosures that will last for many years. They are completely flexible, in case you need to do maintenance or move to another place. As all screws and other fittings are made of stainless steel, there’s no risk of rust, even if you live nearby the ocean. You can rest assured that the quality cat enclosures will have awesome looks and functionality, as we use the best possible materials for these installations. Call Thecatshack 0416725745 or email us [email protected] today for a free ‘measure and quote’ on any weekday for wonderful cat enclosures in Melbourne.