Keep your pet safe and secured with quality cat proof fencing

As opposed to what many may have told you, cats do not need to roam around as much. In fact, they enjoy life better and stay healthier when they remain in a single place, provided all their basic needs are taken care of. They stay safer in such enclosures. They are not run over by vehicles, not wounded in fights, do not stray or fall ill.

Cat proof fencingCats experience many prospective dangers when they step outside the house – cat fights, road traffic, and cat haters. Quite often, even though they may have identity tags on their collars; kittens often disappear, never to be traced again. This is a real tragic situation for the entire family, since they suffer the loss of a close family member.

The need of appointing cat enclosure installers

Cat proof fencing has proved to be the best protection for cats in Melbourne and other cities alike. It facilitates your little feline with full access to your outdoor space and protects the surrounding wildlife from predation. It also prevents neighborhood quarrels over cat issues.

We, at Thecatshack, provide quality cat proof fencing and enclosures all around Melbourne. Our expert cat enclosure installers install a cat door so your pet can enter and exit your home as it pleases. We advise you as to what the best place is for sheltering the cat. Our cat enclosure facilities include a weatherproof cat bed and lots of fun items to play with. We assure you that your cat will never get bored.

If other cats enter your property through your backyard/garden wall, our cat proof fencing will prevent that. We seal off the gaps under the existing fencing (if any); we advise you to lock the gates that are not used regularly and fix self-closing springs and latches to every other gate in your property.

To get a quote on our cat proof fencing and affordable cat enclosures in Melbourne, please contact us.